Capitilizing On The Future — With an innovative strategy.

Taking growing industries, and capitilizing.

Relative Companies is a group of subsidiaries doing business as Relative Companies. We have two main divisions; online and capital.

Relative was founded with the idea of profiting off of consumer trends and using that to finance capital decisions. We own a wide range of e-commerce brands and software services, and invest profits into numerous different assets and investment vehicles. We are always looking to work with new people and bring on new partners.

Relative Online

Capitilzing on the new generation of consumer shopping and services.

Relative Capital

World-class investing into numerous long and short-term assets.

Using the online sales model to finance a wide range of investments.

The highly profitable e-commerce and SaaS model of selling both physical and digital products is used to finance a lot at Relative Capital. We invest into a plethora of assets and different investment vehicles. Our investments must meet several criteria whether they are short or long term assets.

Publicly Traded Shares and LEAPS

As of 2022 our main investment is into long and short term publicly traded shares. Companies that have product(s) with scaleability into emerging markets show the most potential in our point of view. We use the same idea when investing into LEAPS, Long-Term Equity Anticipation Securities, going long on strong emerging markets.

Real Estate

The main goal is to replace cash-flow from online sales with monthly recurring revenue from rental properties. Due to the high entry level into real estate, our portfolio is currently empty, but will be gaining its first property very soon!

The Next 10 Years

In the next decade we have ambitious goals for Relative Capital. We plan to have a asset portfolio worth over $5 million, filled with real estate and other assets. Most of this portfolio will be centered around real estate to generate monthly recurring revenue, with around 20% being allocated to other assets. Relative Online and long term investments with Relative Capital will get us to our $5 million mark.

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